Confessions of an “under sharer”

Confessions of an “under sharer”


That’s me!

I am a self-confessed “under sharer”. On a scale of 0-10, zero being super slack and 10 being the top influencer of the universe with a following of 12 billion people. I rate myself a solid -0. And it’s ok you don’t have to feel sorry for me it’s all self-inflicted, this year my studio turns fifteen and I can count the number of times I’ve posted on my socials (ughh insert eyeball roll emoji here)!

Truth is, I am a massive “doer” and I do so much with my life that by the end of the day I am so exhausted that I don’t have the energy to share it on my socials because as long as my family, friends, and staff know what shenanigans I’m up to I’m a pretty darn happy person and simply carry on “doing” more.

So why the change of attitude you ask? I think there are a few reasons that pop to my mind
Point 1: I would like to look back at my stories/blogs one day and have a giggle
Point 2: Because so much has happened and continues to happen in my life and I feel it wouldn’t hurt to share a bit about my world. (I figured if f I can add a little smile, bounce, helpful tip, or inspo to your day then I’ve won) Oh and lastly, I’m a newborn PHOTOGRAPHER!!

I almost forgot to mention that point, I literally see hundreds of beautiful images pop up on our screens every day at the studio and I NEED to share more of it so you can see some of the deliciousness that filters through my eyeballs daily. So there – I’ve confessed. I never liked essay writing so what I upload here will be written like I’m speaking to you as if you were next to me, delivered straight from my colourful mind. I hope, when you come across my blog posts you will feel it’s like an invitation to come with me on a little adventure or like going on a “grown up play date” it’s time to have a little bit of fun!

I have such an amazing life and it’s time to share more of it, with you.


Marie xx

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Photo of Brother kissing baby sister | Baby Photographer
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Photo of Mom and Dad holing baby | Newborn Photographer
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Photo of baby with bunny | Best Baby Photographer
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Phot of Sister holding baby Brother | Baby Photographer | Newborn Photographer
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Mom and Dad with baby | Baby Photographer
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