heart led book launch

In just 4 weeks time we will be celebrating the launch of my first book “Heart Led” at Bistro Mosman on the 9th of May. I would personally love you to join us at this beautiful event so please accept this as my warm invitation to come along. Proceeds from the book and the event will be donated to our young friend Hayden now 10yrs old who lost his mum to cancer last year. I made a promise to his family that I would help raise funds to assist with his ongoing education and we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to reach our target goal of $10,000.

Heart Led is about my personal journey and how I have harnessed the power of my heart since I was child to guide me throughout life. All of my big career decisions, business ideas and wild charity projects are just some of the stories I share in the book as well as some inspirational events that have shaped the person I am today. There is one chapter in my book that is dedicated to a special woman, someone who I am honoured to call my friend, Leila Abdallah. Her name may resonate with you as her family suffered the unimaginable loss of her 3 children on the 1st of  Feb 2020 when an intoxicated drug induced driver ran into the group of children as they walked from their home in Oatlands to get ice cream. Leila and her husband Danny made worldwide headlines not only because of the horrific nature of the accident but for the selfless act of forgiveness they gave the driver at the prison where he was being held. Leila’s wisdom, compassion and love is something to be witnessed and just being in her presence makes you feel inspired which is why I invited her to be my guest speaker as she is the epitome of what it means to be “Heart Led”

As with all my charity events I have always wanted our time spent together to feel like “food for the soul” and I believe that this event will fill all our hearts to the brim. Below are details of the event and how to purchase your own copy of Heart Led in time for Mothers Day. Next week I will give you a sneak peek into our stunning book which includes images of 100 generous customers who donated an image from their family photo shoot to help us reach our goal for Hayden. Excitement is building and I look forward to sharing this beautiful experience with you next month. 

If you would like to purchase your own copy of ‘Heart Led’ or buy a ticket for the book launch please see link here.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Love, Marie x