How to choose the best newborn photographer?

How to choose the best newborn photographer | Sydney Baby Photographer | Sydney Newborn Photographer

You have welcomed your new baby into the world and begun the daunting task of selecting the best newborn photographer to capture the precious early days of your child’s life. How do you even start? You’ve searched the web found 64 newborn photographers in your local area, read countless reviews, scrolled through Instagram and Pinterest and asked for friend’s recommendations on Facebook. You’ve requested price lists, only to realise every studio is different with different pricing structures and styles of photography, all this while doing your research between feeds, settling, and surviving on zero sleep. The mission almost seems impossible! As a newborn photographer with over 15 years of experience and a mum of two I understand firsthand how overwhelming this choice can be so I will give you my top three tips to help guide you in the right decision of finding the best newborn photographer for your family.

Best Newborn Photography Sydney | Baby Imprints | Family Photographer

Best Newborn Photography Sydney | Baby Imprints | Family Photographer

What style of photography do you like?

As photographers we all see the world differently, so no two photographers or studios are alike. There are two popular styles to select from.

  1. Posed or styled images– The photographer takes the time to create themed settings which may include wraps and props. These shoots are mostly shot in a studio environment so the photographer can work in a controlled environment and achieve consistent results no matter what time of day it is.
  2. Natural/ lifestyle images– The photographer’s approach is more candid and less styled, allowing the shoot to take a natural flow and capture what is happening at that moment sometimes without any posing at all. These shoots can also be achieved in a studio using natural light or in the convenience of your own home.

Pricing and experience

Photographers will charge according to the years of experience they have in the industry. At university I was told to be considered a “professional photographer” one would need at least seven years of full time experience to earn the title. Keep in mind that although you may have found a photographer that charges a small fee compared to the bigger studios, it wouldn’t hurt to ask how many years of experience they have had photographing newborn babies. Newborn photography is a skill that takes time and patience, just because a person owns an impressive camera does not make them a professional. Another question to ask is do they sell digital images and how long they keep your images on file as some studios delete images once your order is complete.

Speak to your photographer or visit their studio prior to your session

As a parent we have been gifted with a super power- our gut instinct. In my opinion the best newborn photographer is one that is easy to get along with, patient, understanding as well as super talented! You will be spending many hours with your photographer and perhaps engage in a relationship that will span over many years (as your family grows) so it is important to feel comfortable around them, as you will be trusting them with your newborn baby and future babies to come.

If you’ve gone through my top 3 musts and your selected photographer has ticked all the boxes then you have found the best newborn photographer Sydney for you! Goodluck with the shoot and enjoy every moment as this too is a celebration of your journey as new parent.

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