Love, Mum – Our fundraising coffee table book for Hayden

It’s been a few weeks since we officially launched our Mother’s Day fundraiser for our friend Hayden and the response has been truly amazing, I am so grateful to everyone who has joined our latest fundraising adventure and to date we have raised $2000. For those who are new to our project, we have dedicated this years fundraising to 9 year old Hayden who lost his mother Sandra to brain cancer in March. I met Haydens beautiful family when I was asked to create imprints for Sandra when she was approaching her last days of life and when I left the hospice that day I knew we had to do something special for her little boy.
For 13 years we have dedicated the month of May to give back to our community. To date we have proudly donated over $180,000 to various charities and causes and this year our efforts will be focused on Hayden with the goal of raising $10,000 towards his education and his future dreams of becoming a sports star.
To reach our target we will be creating a hard cover coffee table book, (a second edition to our original “Love, Mum” book in 2014 for Miracle Babies Foundation). The first book featured the stories, photographs and quotes of 25 inspirational mothers. This time round it will feature 100 mums with their children that we have photographed throughout our 2023 Mothers Day campaign. Included with their chosen photograph will feature a favourite saying or inspirational message that they would like to give their children.
To give you a real life example, I photographed our beautiful Studio Manager Kiki and her adorable girls Norah and Lola during my last visit to the Brisbane studio. I asked what her favourite saying to the girls was and she replied with “Shine bright like the sunshine”. So the next day we spent some time with the girls playing in the sunshine and the playful image you see in this article will feature together with her quote in our stunning coffee table book.
So my question to you is what is your favourite saying to your child/children? What is your message that you would love them to read when they look at the image of you and the kids together?
My all time favourite and one I say regularly is “You are braver than you think” by Winnie the Pooh and I look forward to sharing that image of myself and the girls when we have our shoot.
This is a project that I have never done before and it is so exciting to see the idea grow and come to life and I hope you too will jump on board. Not only will you and your family have a book that holds precious memories of you and the kids, but it also contributed to the life of one little boys future that would have made his mum so proud.
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You are invited to be part of our “Love, Mum” coffee table book for 2023

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