The countdown is on and Mother’s Day is next week!

If you’re like me and scrambling for a meaningful gift for your own mum or the kids are asking what you would like to receive on your special day don’t forget to add our Mother’s Day mini session to your list!

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Now I for one am guilty of snapchat selfies with my two girls but every year I make sure to ask one of our amazing photographers to capture special moments with me Millie and Lucia who are now 10yrs and 8yrs old. (Sigh.. they grow so fast)

I was thinking today how i could make Mother’s Day just that little bit more magical and the answer was literally hanging above my head at work. It was a ceramic love heart with two fingerprints inside creating the shape of a heart.

If you are familiar with my artwork called “Connies heart” created in 2017 for Love your sister, I created 2025 fingerprint heart tiles just like this one pictured below.

hand made heart imprints for mothers day at Marie Ramos Photography Sydney and Brisbane

The installation pictured below currently lives at The Garvan institute of Medical research in Darlinghurst Sydney, and we raised a humble $111,000 towards breast cancer research.

Fast forward 6 years later i am still asked to create my little hearts and i love that i can still keep the memory of Connie’s heart still alive by offering them on special occasions like Mother’s Day.

Now these little hearts for Mother’s Day are extra special because one side of the heart is created by mums fingerprint and the other side is made by your child forming one precious heart. You can choose to have it as a hanging ornament or if you have more than one child you can request to have the tiles custom framed.

This special is valid between the 9th-13th of May so if you’ve found yourself reading this far and thinking “yes count me in” simply follow the links below to book your own session with your child/children.

The good news is every booking will contribute to this years fundraising efforts for Hayden (who recently lost his mother to brain cancer) so we hope you can help us join forces for good.

If you have any questions we are just a click or a call away so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you as always for your support and wishing each and every beautiful mum out there a very happy and magical Mother’s Day.

Marie xx


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