Our beautiful in house photographer Kiri

There’s something about Kiri.


If you are a regular client you will know or have met our beautiful in house photographer Kiri. Full of life, laughs and an abundance of energy, it’s common to hear lot’s of kids laughing during her shoots with her classic “eww, who farted?” jokes!

I have been so blessed to work alongside Kiri for over 7 years, she has become my dear friend and I clearly remember the day she first started at the studio. That day was extra memorable as I had a very special guest that I was photographing that morning. While I was shooting she came through the front door, I said hello and introduced her to my client Manu Fieldel (Celebrity Chef) and his family. The look on her face was priceless, that look of “it’s my first day please don’t ask me to photograph Manu” and “Oh my gosh that’s Manu!!”. I laughed and said, “don’t worry I’ll do this shoot” with a big smile on my face.

Since day one she has been a constant source of positive energy within the team, a talented artist and our customers have loved having her as their photographer. It’s also been a privilege watching her life unfold before my eyes, I was a guest at her wedding to Steve, she worked through her first pregnancy and gave birth to her gorgeous daughter August who is almost 2yrs old, and in a few months time she will be welcoming the newest addition to her family, a little boy!

In May 2021 I witnessed Kiri’s strength and fierce love for her family when her beloved father Bob passed away unexpectedly, it was a shock to everyone and we all grieved with her in our own way. I was honoured when Kiri asked if I could make little heart imprints of her dad so she could give a heart to everyone in her family. What touched me the most was making additional frames for Bobs future grandchildren to have when they arrived into the world, a precious gift that Kiri’s new baby boy will one day inherit.

As we count down the weeks until Kiri goes on maternity leave I thought it would be perfect to ask both her and August to be part of my “Summer Day’s” promotion. The shoot in the summer afternoon light was beautiful and I loved capturing the magical moments they shared together as mother and daughter, I especially remember hearing Aug’s laughter while playing “peek a boo” behind my camera.

To my amazing Kiri you are one in a million and it’s been such a privilege watching your beautiful life unfold over the years, wishing you a smooth and safe delivery of your precious bundle and we can’t wait to hear those fart jokes again soon! We love you

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All the studio staff |Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints | Newborn Photos

Kiri on her wedding day with the team

Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints | Newborn Photos

Bobs heart imprint

Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints | Newborn Photos

Bobs heart imprint frames hanging proudly beside the bedside of his twin grandchildren Ollie and Indie

Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints | Newborn Photos

Kiri’s first day at work with Manu Fieldel

Images from the Summer Afternoon “Summer Day’ s” Photoshoot!


Mom with baby Photos | Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints | Newborn Photos
Mom with Daughter Photo | Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints | Newborn Photos
Mom with baby Photos | Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints | Newborn Photos
Maternity Photos | Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints | Newborn Photos
Maternity Photographer | Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints | Newborn Photos



As a photographer, we all have our favourite locations to shoot at, so I have selected my top beach location to explore with your families. Set over two fun filled days, select from either a morning park session or an afternoon beach sunset session. Bring your dog, picnic mat, swimmers, summer hats, whatever summer means to you, and let’s have some fun!


• Outdoor Photography Session – up to 30mins
• 1- 8×12′, 1- 7×10′, 1- 6×9′ Print Package
• 60min Design Consultation
(SAVE $271)

(40% off a complete set of high resolution images – approx 50 images)




Photo of Brother kissing baby sister | Baby Photographer
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Photo of Mom and Dad holing baby | Newborn Photographer
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Photo of baby with bunny | Best Baby Photographer
Katie & Marcus (Harley) 090319 MRP19NICHOLSON 281 6x9
Phot of Sister holding baby Brother | Baby Photographer | Newborn Photographer
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Cute baby Photo | Baby Photographer
Mom and Dad with baby | Baby Photographer
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