The meaning behind our month of “White”

8th April-8th May

Our month of white is dedicated to “Oliver’s Gift” an initiative that only existed in my dreams and has now become a reality. For 12 years I have had the privilege of creating Baby Imprints for bereaved families who have lost a child.

This journey began in 2009 when I met a beautiful mother named Tanya who was pregnant with her second son. Our connection from the beginning was very special and I became part of her families painful journey when Oliver passed away shortly after birth. At the time imprints was still a rough concept but I was determined to create something special so Oliver’s family had a tangible memory of his presence on this earth.

Little did I know that this gift for Oliver would soon become a permanent feature for my small business and Baby Imprints was born. “Oliver’s Gift” was created with the intention that a grieving family would never have to pay for my services again. It acts as a dedicated account where a portion of every imprint sale and special fundraising efforts are deposited into the account and our products are gifted to grieving families.

The significance of “white” is pure love, light and hope which is what “Oliver’s gift” symbolises. It also represents the unconditional love of a mother to her child which is the theme woven throughout the events leading up to the most beautiful day of the year, Mothers Day.

I look forward seeing you in the coming weeks as we come together as a community to give love and support in this special way.

With love,