Mothers Day is just 3 weeks away…

and it is all systems go at the studio! Over the past 2 weeks we have welcomed a tribe of mothers and their children and what has made the sessions extra special is the presence of grandmothers together with their children and grandchildren. If you have seen our posts and thinking of booking a session there are still some spots available in the coming weeks and every booking will add to our fundraising efforts for Hayden. For those who would like to know more about our fundraising Love mum coffee table book for 2023 and how I came to know Hayden and his family please read my earlier blogs so you can get the full picture of the journey thus far.

Before my heart landed on creating our second edition of Love, Mum book I met some special people along the way that tugged at my fundraising heart strings. One person in particular that captured my heart was Kimiko (our beautiful mum featured in our current Mothers day ADs) I first came to know of Kimiko when I received a phone call from one of her work colleagues. She explained that her and the team wanted to gift Kimiko and her husband Kaz a maternity photo session as she was heavily pregnant with their first child but there was a catch.

When Kimiko entered the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy she discovered a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her work colleagues wanted to help Kimiko capture as many happy memories as possible as they knew that once their baby was born it would be a long and uncertain road ahead for Kimiko and her young family. A week later a radiant, shy and heavily pregnant Kimiko came in for her maternity photo session and with Kaz by her side, we captured pure magic.

A few days later Kimiko was induced early so she could start chemotherapy.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sakiko (Saki) and I was privileged to capture memories of their little family when Saki was just 10 days old. Both times that I met Kimiko she blew me away with her courage, humility, determination and positivity even when her future was uncertain. She was so grateful to have a healthy daughter, a loving husband and family and friends who rallied behind her family to support them through their darkest moments, I’m sure this was her true medicine to fight cancer.

At the photo shoot Kimiko brought in paper cranes that she asked me to photograph with Saki. I asked her what the meaning behind the cranes were and she told me that in their Japanese culture they believed that anyone who had the patience and commitment to fold 1,000 origami cranes would be given good fortune and granted a wish. Sure enough 1,000 origami cranes were created with the support of her loved ones and I believe in my heart and hearts that their wish was granted.
A few weeks ago I bumped into Kimiko and Kaz and I was delighted to hear that her chemotherapy was doing well and she had just one more round to go. With a big curious smile I peeped into their pram and saw cheeky, chubby and bubbly 8 month old Saki! Kimiko inspired me to tell her story as it is a reminder for us all to celebrate the time we have while we have it. My deepest thanks goes to Kimiko, Kaz and Saki for allowing me to share these beautiful images of their family.
Kimiko- thank you reminding me to be grateful for life, may you go from strength to strength and may your life be long, healthy, and filled with happiness. I am so proud and privileged to have you grace the cover of our Love, Mum coffee table book for 2023.

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