We’re going to be on the Today show!

Life is funny, it always seems like the things you try to run away from always come back to surprise you.

I love being a photographer because I am comfortable behind the lens, it’s my happy place and always has been. I remember once being described by one of my teachers as the “quiet achiever” which explains why I am personally so quiet on my socials. Thank goodness I have a wonderful team that takes care of capturing the shenanningans at both studios. I tell you social media is a beast in itself, but anyway that’s another conversation for next time. Back to the point, so being in front of the camera terrifies me. Photos I can somewhat handle that but film cameras? Noooooo thank you!!! Talking in front of the camera triple no thank you. I am so awkward it’s not funny, not just a little bit but a lot a bit. I am the opposite of natural, my face does weird expressions, my voice trembles and I laugh because I feel awkward. Sooo awkward!!

So it looks like my biggest fear is about to be realised on Sunday the 26th of June on the Today show. If you would like to witness the most awkward version of myself you are welcome to tune in between 7am-9am on Channel 9. It’s as if the universe decided that since I hated TV cameras it would be a great idea to put me on live national TV while wrestling babies and puppies and trying to get their hands and feet and paws into clay oh and of course photographing them as well! Hahaha oh my life!!! If you’re familiar with the Today show they usually choose a business or a place of interest where they do live cross feeds during show. Channel 9 kindly selected the new Brisbane studio to do the segment so we will have all our amazing work on display and I will be showcasing what we do and how we do it. Fingers and toes crossed that the babies and puppies we will be imprinting on the day will behave, if not it will look like one mad circus! (Maybe that would make good TV after all) We also have some special guests/influencers that have generously given their time to be on the segment that you might already be following and definitely worth checking out. These beautiful people are worldwide renowned fitness dietician Leanne Ward (IG @the_fitness_dietitian) , Jessica Thoday video creator (IG @jessicathoday) and more!

These are just some of our special guests that will be bringing along their babies and fur babies for the segment and I am so grateful to have them join us next week! Hopefully if you’re up early next Sunday you can catch me doing what I love best. I’ll be 100% awkward but I’ll park those feelings aside for 2hrs to embrace the gratitude that I feel knowing that my little business will be featured to a national audience.We will also be offering 50% off our baby and paw Imprint Collection & 20% off store wide, simply quote ‘The today Show’ when booking to qualify for the special. So wish me luck! I will need it haha (ends in awkward laugh)


Much love Marie x

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Baby Photographer Sydney | Brisbane Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints
Baby Photographer Sydney | Brisbane Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints
Baby Photographer Sydney | Brisbane Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints
Photo of Brother kissing baby sister | Baby Photographer
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Photo of Mom and Dad holing baby | Newborn Photographer
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Photo of baby with bunny | Best Baby Photographer
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