What it was like being on the TODAY show.

What it was like being on the TODAY show.

If you read my last blog post you would know that being in front of a camera let alone a film camera (on live TV) was my greatest fear. The good news is I did it, I didn’t die and although I haven’t watched the segments entirely without squirming, pressing pause spontaneously and walking away from my screen never to return, it was a great experience. Now settle down when I say “great experience” I mean it was awesome to see how everything worked behind the scenes especially morning TV.

So the day unfolded like this. I was up bright and early at 4am to get my hair and make up done and by sunrise my studio was buzzing with activity, there was a TV crew, puppies (7 in total), puppy owners, babies and parents and my amazing staff all dressed to the nines wearing their fresh Marie Ramos Photography aprons. I was micro-phoned up and told that the tv presenter Dan Anstey would be arriving in 10 mins, this is the point I felt my face go red and my palms start sweating. FML I said under my breath “there’s no turning back now”.

At one point I locked myself in the bathroom just to remind myself to breathe and enjoy the process, after all it’s not everyday you get to be on TV. But what made me really nervous was there was no set schedule or plan for the segments as we simply had to go with the flow. We were literally in the hands of the presenter Dan, If he wanted me to do his hand imprint with an extra finger then that’s what I had to do, and yes it’s true that’s what happened and it was pretty funny as I made “Dan the man with 6 fingers” look so real. (You’ll just have to watch it yourself).

In total our studio was featured 6 times over 2.5hrs and it was puppy, baby and clay galore. My favourite moment by far was the excitement I could hear in my kids voices when they said “mum we’re watching you on TV and it’s really weird, followed by “can you take that puppy you are holding back home?”. The segments were not just to promote my business directly (but let’s face it, it kind of did) but to showcase the boom in baby and pet photography due to COVID..When you watch the segments below you have to remember that nothing was planned we literally “winged it” in between the news and weather and I must admit it all came together really smoothly and effortlessly and I have the crew and my amazing staff to thank for that.

I also wanted to especially thank my incredible publicist Janyne from in the media PR, Belloui dog breeders, Leanne Ward from the the fitness coach and the volunteers that kindly came out to help.

I managed to showcase what I love doing in front of a national audience and I am forever grateful for that opportunity. Whilst my happy place is still very much behind the camera it was nice to be part of the action and to share my passion in a very special way. Enjoy watching the segments below and please don’t judge me for supporting “Queensland” right at the end, I love Brisbane but Sydney is where my heart is, I’m just going to say Dan made me do it.😂


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Baby Photographer Sydney | Brisbane Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints
Baby Photographer Sydney | Brisbane Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints
Baby Photographer Sydney | Brisbane Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints
Baby Photographer Sydney | Brisbane Baby Photographer | Baby Imprints
Photo of Brother kissing baby sister | Baby Photographer
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Photo of Mom and Dad holing baby | Newborn Photographer
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Photo of baby with bunny | Best Baby Photographer
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