Sometimes life gives you a little nudge when you least expect it.


If you are brave enough to listen to that feeling, I believe miracles can happen.

This nudge happened to me a few weeks ago when I was called to a palliative care hospital to do imprints of a beautiful lady named Sandra who was losing her life to brain cancer. I asked a few questions to her family as they surrounded her bedside and found out we were the same age and leaving behind her husband and 8yr old son Hayden. I was reminded once again the fragility of life and how tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone.
As I made Sandras imprints I was taken back by the love I felt in that room, there was a sense of peace and joy that Sandra (although unconscious) was still very much present and every minute they shared with her was celebrated. When I left that day I was touched  by what I witnessed and their family stayed close to my heart. Days later I got the nudge and that familiar feeling of wanting to do something special for the family. Although I did not meet Hayden personally he was always in my thoughts and an idea floated to my mind- let’s help raise funds for his education.
For the past 13 years Mother’s Day has always been the focus for our fundraising efforts. To date we have raised over $180,000 towards various causes and charities and this year we will be dedicating our efforts towards Haydens education fund with the goal of raising $10,000.
When I approached Sandras family with my intention, unbeknownst to me i was told she was in fact a school teacher.
I immediately had goosebumps and the nudge I felt to help with Haydens education was no coincidence.

Starting today we will be dedicating our efforts to raise funds through our popular Mothers Day mini sessions.


From the purchase of a $99 Mothers day package, each customer will have the option to be included in our second edition “Love, Mum” coffee table book which raised $10,000 for Miracle babies foundation in 2014.

This year I have decided to tweak the book slightly by inviting 100 mums and their children to participate in the book. “Love, Mum” will feature beautiful curated photography taken by our team paired with a popular quote or saying that you often tell your kids.
For example I would often whisper “You are braver than you think” to my girls when they are scared. With this quote in mind I’ve decided to be photographed with my kids at the beach jumping fearlessly into the ocean.
My goal is to have a stunning collection of imagery and quotes bound in a book for our kids to hold but for us mums it will also serve as a gentle reminder of what a privilege it is to be a mother.

Together I know we can make a difference to one little boys life.

In the coming weeks and months we invite every mum to join in this wonderful project and allow us to photograph you and your beautiful treasures in this unique way. Since Sandra is no longer with us on this earth we can help in a way she would have loved through providing education, support and an abundance of love from an entire tribe of mothers to her son Hayden.

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Once you have secured your mini session, add on one of our Fundraising packages on offer:

Love Mum Coffee Table Book | Baby Photographer


You can add on these fundraising packages directly through the studio once a member of our team has contacted you to confirm your session.

Together, let’s reach our goal of $10,000 to help towards Hayden’s education